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Posted By :    Mark K
Posted :    6/2/2015
Comments :    I took my 8 Year old dog into see the Vet due to some issues with blood in stool and being sick after one vsist and some medicine and great advice from the Vet he was back to Normal the very next day. Great Vet very informative and doenst do anything without your consent we found a great vet and we will stick with plus the price was what was expected not over the top. Im very pleased
Posted By :    Evelyn Kile
Posted :    5/1/2013
Comments :    On Saturday, April 27, 2013 we took our 4 month old Yorkie to get his last set of shots to Petco, shortly after we got home, we noticed Irie's eyes and body were red and swollen. Being new to Temple, I asked my husband to find the nearest pet hospital. We found Western Hills and went in. The staff was absolutely wonderful and quick to respond. Dr. Gudgel was very attentive to Irie and us and verbal with everything he was doing to Irie. We were very please with the service and thanks to them our Irie is back to being himself again. I just want to say thank you for all that you did for our Irie and looks like we found a great vet for our little people with fur.
Posted By :    Rachel Stepanov  (rachel23201@yahoo.com)
Posted :    7/10/2006
Comments :    My family has been going to Western Hills since I was in the eighth grade. I am now all grown up and living in Austin, with dogs of my own (Sadie and Charli). I had been seeing a vet at Petsmart. They were okay, but for one thing, everytime I brought my dogs in I did not know which vet I would be seeing. It was never the same person. A few months back, Sadie had a large growth that needed to be removed. When I took her into her old vet they told they couldn't do anything, and referred me to a "specialist". I had to wait about a month for them to even see Sadie, and when they evaluated her they told me it cost close to $2000. I informed that vet I would like a different opinion, and that was when I remembered Dr. Gudgel. I called him that day, they saw Sadie (that same day), and they remove the growth (the next day). They did such a great job with Sadie and it only cost $350. My husband I decided that it is definately worth the drive to go to Western Hills.
Posted By :    Toni McCarty
Posted :    6/28/2006
Comments :    Temple Veterinary Hospital of Western Hills is family to us. Dakota was found as a baby to be adoptioned and that is how my big boy came into our lives. Doc and the vet family have taken wonderful care and have kept him well.Doc is so wonderful with all animals.We could never say enough good things about him and the staff. Thank you guys, Dakota and his parents love you all.
Posted By :    Tanya  (aussieintexas@gmail.com)
Posted :    5/10/2006
Comments :    I have been a human friend at Western Hills for 3 years, since a gorgeous Sheltie and stray cat walked into my life. The staff and doctors have always been wonderful to my pets and myself. It's great knowing that all my animals get the best attention from a staff that genuinely care for all my animals. We are blessed to have a vet that so willingly shares his knowledge to make our furry friends lives healthy and happy, and to offer us the comfort we need when our little friends are ill. It's something I will be forever greatful for. Tanya (the human element), Midget, Sluggo, Matilda, Sydney, Adelaide, Poot and Max.
Posted By :    Carrie Boothby
Posted :    5/9/2006
Comments :    Western Hills Vet clinic has become part of our family. They take extremely good care of our pets and always show our children love and attention too! Thanks Doc, Annette, Amy, Kasey, & Lorraine! (Haven't had the pleasure of working with Kristy yet!)
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