G&G of Western Hills

2312 W. Adams Ave
Temple, TX 76504




 Amy Foster is one of the first faces to welcome you when you walk in the door.  She also handles scheduling of appointments and love researching all new products for the hospital.



   Brandi Bittle 

Brandi Bittle 



Kristi MacDonald

It's difficult to pin a special place where Kristi can be found because she is everywhere all the time. Her favorite place to be is assisting Dr. Gudgel in surgery, in the exam room and in treatment. She says her job is to make life easier for Doc and she does just that. 


Trish & Tina

Trish Roy & Tina Donaldson are responsible for the kennels and daily care for the animals after surgery and in for treatments.  They always have those smiles on for everyone. 


 Courtney Wagner spends her day making your furry babies look beautiful.  She is always available to recommend and discuss grooming needs for your pet.